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With Liberty and Young Justice for All

It has been over three years since Young Justice saved humanity from the alien invasion of The Reach and their plan to destroy the world. Even though they were successful at defeating The Reach, it came at a noble sacrifice of one of their own. Their bravery and heroic actions did not go unrecognized by the Justice League who decided that Young Justice would now operate with them side-by-side from the Watchtower.

The Other Side of the Mirror

Each step we take towards technological advancement we continue to wield a double-edged sword. We are taking strides with every piece of technology that we create, but it comes at a cost. The more we connect to these computer hardwares the more we disconnect from society. It’s an investment that has the potential to hinder the way we socialize with one another if we continue to go down this path.

The Brand is Strong!

The same two Bronx natives that provide us with the art that is The Bodega Boys are now gearing up to release their own TV show. Desus Nice and The Kid Mero have teamed up with Vice to create “Desus & Mero” that’s set to air exclusively on Viceland. If you’re looking for a new late night show to watch, this should definitely be on your radar. So step aside Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert because BX is in the building!

Luke Cage is the Hero for Hire

If you’re looking for a new superhero TV show to indulge in, look no further. Marvel has teamed up with Netflix again to bless us with the new Netflix Original series, Luke Cage. Since making his first appearance in Netflix Original Jessica Jones, fans have been waiting for the day to see a Luke Cage series of his own. And Sweet Christmas that day is finally among us.

The Journey for Asylum

Refugees are often given a bad representation, but truth be told they are no different from the rest of us. They have families and are just trying to make their way through life just like everyone else. They are people who are willing to do whatever it takes to provide a better life for themselves and the people they love. Field of Vision and The New Yorker are looking to change the common perspective of refugees with this six-part documentary, “The Journey.”