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Changing the Meaning of Convenience

Recently, Amazon announced that they have created the world’s most advanced shopping technology. The new app Amazon Go as well as a convenience store that goes by the same name will coincide with one another to make the easiest way to shop to date. “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)” is their new slogan for the Amazon Go app and store and from the looks of it they’re looking to live up to those words.

6 Seconds in Heaven

The short-form video sharing service known as Vine that we’ve all came to know and love recently came bearing some bad news. The team behind Vine has announced that it will be closing it’s doors in the near future…partially. What they are doing is discontinuing service to the mobile app in the next few months. As far as we know the website and all current Vines will continue to live on in memory of what once was.

School Chooses Meditation Over Detention

Usually when a child is misbehaving, a school uses detention or suspension as a form of discipline. This method is used to give children a timeout to reflect on their actions that brought them there in the first place. The outcome that is expected is that the child will come to the realization of what they’ve done in hopes of them learning from their mistakes. Unfortunately, this form of discipline has proven to not be effective.

Changing the World One Hug at a Time

In the midst of everything going on with police brutality, it may seem difficult to find any positivity. Protesters take to the street to express their disapproval in our justice system. Police officers follow suit, equipping themselves with riot gear and high-powered weapons to “keep the situation civilized.” As they clash in the streets to stand up for what they believe in, it seems like no one is willing to see eye to eye to bring change to the society using violence to resolve their issues. There is one man looking to change all of that with an unusual but simply method.

Kaepernick Takes a Seat for What’s Right

If you’ve ever watched the beginning of any major United States sporting event, you’re familiar with the National Anthem. The usual routine that comes along with the National Anthem is attendees are “expected” to stand with their hands over their hearts to show respect for the American flag. Recently, Colin Kaepernick decided to take a different approach by sitting/taking a knee but for legitimate reasons. Kaepernick believes that since the American justice system doesn’t respect their black citizens and their rights, why should he respect the National Anthem and the American flag. As expected, an action such as this would spark mixed feelings.