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Are You One of Us or One of Them?

In 2013, the United States experienced an outbreak like none other before. A mutant Cordyceps fungus plagued humanity which causes the lost of all brain functionality, becoming hyper-aggressive, and converting to cannibalistic tendencies when it comes in contact with a host. This fungus has already killed and infected roughly 60% of humanity and will claim more with no cure in sight.

From Agora to Monolith

The Paragon that we’ve known since its early access days will never be the same after its V.35 Monolith update. Pretty much anything that you’ve learned so far such as strategies, gameplay, cards, heroes, etc. will have to go out the window and be relearned because this patch will make it a completely different game. There’s no reason to fret though because it’s still the same MOBA that makes Paragon what it is. Since everything about Paragon will be changed, the only thing to do is prepare ourselves for the battles ahead on Monolith.

When an Owl Gets Its Wings

It has been over nine years since an owl named Otus could be able to fly. Unable to live up to the expectations and standards that the other owls have in place, it leaves Otus being open to criticism and ridicule. On top of Otus dealing with these daily struggles things soon go from bad to worse when sky pirates invades his city of Vellie. It is up to Otus to embark on a journey with some of his allies to bring salvation to Vellie once again. And it is now more than ever that he has to learn how spread his wings and fly.

Dedsec is Recruiting Hacktivists

If you’re a hackerĀ and want to use those skills to join a revolution, then Dedsec isĀ interested in your services. Recently an advanced operating system called ctOS 2.0 has been installed in several cities across the United States to network the cities infrastructure. This may sound beneficial, but the problem is numerous corrupt corporations with hidden agendas to spy and control the citizens under its surveillance control this operating system.

That Which Lies Within the Tombs

After Lara’s Croft’s experience with the unknown supernatural in Yamatai, she is left with more questions than answers. Based on her father’s research the lost city of Kitezh is where the answer she seeks for lie. This same venture also led to her father’s unhealthy obsession of which ended in suicide. Despite warnings, Lara Croft is set on finding the lost city of Kitezh. It will not be an easy journey for what lies in her path includes savage wildlife animals, treacherous terrains, and the Trinity organization looking to find the lost city and its secrets first. Despite the odds, the secrets that lies there and the answers she’s looking for is what drives Lara Croft to make this venture.