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3rd View is where you can expect to find out what’s going on in the world that includes media that get coverage as well as those that get little attention but deserves to be heard about. This series will shine light on both sides of a story and give unbiased opinions from the viewpoint of someone looking from the outside in.

Are You One of Us or One of Them?

In 2013, the United States experienced an outbreak like none other before. A mutant Cordyceps fungus plagued humanity which causes the lost of all brain functionality, becoming hyper-aggressive, and converting to cannibalistic tendencies when it comes in contact with a host. This fungus has already killed and infected roughly 60% of humanity and will claim more with no cure in sight.

From Agora to Monolith

The Paragon that we’ve known since its early access days will never be the same after its V.35 Monolith update. Pretty much anything that you’ve learned so far such as strategies, gameplay, cards, heroes, etc. will have to go out the window and be relearned because this patch will make it a completely different game. There’s no reason to fret though because it’s still the same MOBA that makes Paragon what it is. Since everything about Paragon will be changed, the only thing to do is prepare ourselves for the battles ahead on Monolith.

Changing the Meaning of Convenience

Recently, Amazon announced that they have created the world’s most advanced shopping technology. The new app Amazon Go as well as a convenience store that goes by the same name will coincide with one another to make the easiest way to shop to date. “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)” is their new slogan for the Amazon Go app and store and from the looks of it they’re looking to live up to those words.

When an Owl Gets Its Wings

It has been over nine years since an owl named Otus could be able to fly. Unable to live up to the expectations and standards that the other owls have in place, it leaves Otus being open to criticism and ridicule. On top of Otus dealing with these daily struggles things soon go from bad to worse when sky pirates invades his city of Vellie. It is up to Otus to embark on a journey with some of his allies to bring salvation to Vellie once again. And it is now more than ever that he has to learn how spread his wings and fly.

With Liberty and Young Justice for All

It has been over three years since Young Justice saved humanity from the alien invasion of The Reach and their plan to destroy the world. Even though they were successful at defeating The Reach, it came at a noble sacrifice of one of their own. Their bravery and heroic actions did not go unrecognized by the Justice League who decided that Young Justice would now operate with them side-by-side from the Watchtower.