This, That, the 3rd is where you can find out about anything, everything, and the 3rd. My goal is to make this a place welcomed to those that doesn’t see things in black and white. I also have community plans for those that visit the website so stay tuned for that. The content that you will find here will be topics that are interesting and/or need to be heard about. So far there are series that makes This, That, the 3rd what it is such as 3rd View, Afternoon Coffee, On 3rd Thought and Audio Messenger with much more on the way!

Afternoon Coffee is a motivational series that is for those that don’t necessarily start their day as early as others. It will consist of uplifting words, inspirations, and goals that you can apply to your life to help you grow as a person and stay up both literally and figuratively.

3rd View is where you can expect to find out what’s going on in the world that includes media that get coverage as well as those that get little attention but deserves to be heard about. This series will shine light on both sides of a story and give unbiased opinions from the viewpoint of someone looking from the outside in.

On 3rd Thought is an opinionated series where I’ll be talking about various topics from life topics, social issues, etc. Pretty much anything that’s has been weighing on my mind lately will go here.

Audio Messenger is for those that use outlets such as podcast and music to express themselves and get their points across. This series will highlight those individuals in hopes that they will get the attention they deserve no matter how big or small they are.

With much more content, series, and community plans on the way in the near future, I hope to make This, That, the 3rd your daily source of news, motivation, and entertainment.

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