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From Agora to Monolith

The Paragon that we’ve known since its early access days will never be the same after its V.35 Monolith update. Pretty much anything that you’ve learned so far such as strategies, gameplay, cards, heroes, etc. will have to go out the window and be relearned because this patch will make it a completely different game. There’s no reason to fret though because it’s still the same MOBA that makes Paragon what it is. Since everything about Paragon will be changed, the only thing to do is prepare ourselves for the battles ahead on Monolith.

One of the major visible changes that we can expect from Paragon is there will be a new map to battle against the enemy teams on. The new map, Monolith, will replace the previous map, Agora (now being called Legacy), which will no longer be playable after this update. In comparison Monolith is a smaller map than Agora (Legacy) for various reasons. There will no longer be a travel system that allows for your hero to move faster when you’re not engaged in attacks. Instead, there will be a steady and faster movement pace throughout as well as jump pads at home bases that allows for us to get back into battle even quicker.

Another reason that Monolith was made smaller was to combat the length in time a game of Paragon is played. On the previous map Agora (Legacy), it was common for one match of Paragon to easily last around an hour and sometimes longer depending on what’s going on during that match. Now on Monolith since it’s a smaller map it’ll make things go at a faster pace and it is now possible for a match to last around a half an hour or so.

The jungle aspect on Paragon has completely been revamped. There are no more shadow plane ponds throughout the map, which is now replaced with fog walls. Also card point harvesters will be removed and replaced with various types of buff minions that will not only provide extra card points but also various special abilities that can be used in battle. With these types of changes applied to the jungle it will make going in there a high risk high reward area so be sure to have wards with you to be weary of your surroundings.

Getting the last hit on enemies and minions is now heavily emphasize and will separate the weak from the strong. Card points will no longer be dropped on the drop available for pick up. With the Monolith update, the only way you’ll be awarded with card points will be to get the last hit now. This is something that’ll help you level up yourself and your cards quicker to get the upper hand on your opponents.

Those were just a few noticeable changes that Paragon is looking to implement with the V.35 Monolith update with many more in depth changes in the game. With it being in open beta now it’s pretty much a living product that is constantly changing to become an even better game with each update. If you would like to read all the details of what’s to come with the Monolith update, check out Epic Games website.

Only time could tell how the community will embrace the Monolith update. I personally think these are some well needed changes to Paragon to help make it a better game to play. The only thing I hope that they implement in the future is voice chat because teamwork and communication is the key to winning in this game. Unless you’re in a outside party chat with your friends or something that okay, but for those times that you have one or two random players on your team communicating and strategizing with them would be nice.

Also, with this new update making map awareness crucial I hope that it changes the play style of some players. Your team will definitely receive a consequence if you’re not playing the objective and this was something missing from Agora (Legacy). And lastly, with all the heroes receiving a change I hope that it encourages others to try more than one character out. It helps to know how to play multiple with characters and have multiple decks just in case. In Paragon, it’s not about playing the hero you want, it’s about playing the hero your team needs.

You can now download and play Paragon for free on PC from the Epic Games website and PS4 from the Playstation Store .

Featured image courtesy of Epic Games

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