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Changing the Meaning of Convenience

Recently, Amazon announced that they have created the world’s most advanced shopping technology. The new app Amazon Go as well as a convenience store that goes by the same name will coincide with one another to make the easiest way to shop to date. “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)” is their new slogan for the Amazon Go app and store and from the looks of it they’re looking to live up to those words.

Essentially, Amazon Go is an app that will be linked to your Amazon account. When you go to a designated Amazon Go store all you have to do is scan your phone at the entrance terminals to be able to start shopping. From there you can just pick up whatever you want and leave when you’re ready. The items you pick up will automatically be added to your Amazon Go app and you will be charged to your Amazon account once you leave the store.

How this is all possible is computer visions, deep learning algorithms, and sensor fusion, which Amazon is calling “Just Walk Out Technology”. This AI system will be throughout these stores that will keep track of everything you pick up and even put back. With this type of AI in place it eliminates the need for registers and checkout lanes that altogether means you do not have to wait on line for anything in the Amazon Go store.

In theory, this does sound like a great idea for a convenience store but I can see some issues from this AI technology. The main one that comes to mind is accuracy as far as charging you for items you don’t have and not charging you for items you do have and whatnot. It is currently in beta and open to only Amazon employees so hopefully any issues will be resolved during that time period. If Amazon Go does become as successful as Amazon plans it to be I can see this taking a step forward into technological advancement and having a major effect on the way that we currently shop.

The first Amazon Go store will be open to the public in early 2017 in Seattle, Washington at 2131 7th Avenue. Feel free to take a look at the video about Amazon Go below to see what they have in store.

Featured image courtesy of Amazon

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