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When an Owl Gets Its Wings

It has been over nine years since an owl named Otus could be able to fly. Unable to live up to the expectations and standards that the other owls have in place, it leaves Otus being open to criticism and ridicule. On top of Otus dealing with these daily struggles things soon go from bad to worse when sky pirates invades his city of Vellie. It is up to Otus to embark on a journey with some of his allies to bring salvation to Vellie once again. And it is now more than ever that he has to learn how spread his wings and fly.

Owlboy is a flying adventure platforming game developed by D-Pad Studio. There is so much about this game that would catch any gamers attention. Something that stands out in Owlboy is the design choice that D-Pad Studio chose to go with. The average video games on the market these days have a 3D design to them. Owlboy however, goes in a different direction by having a 2D hi-bit design that is beyond visually stuning and could easily give the average game a run for its money. It’s noteworthy that D-Pad Studio went against the grain and still managed to make a game look as good as, if not better than, any other games.

The story and characters in Owlboy is something else that will definitely have you invested while playing through this game. Even though the character you play as, Otus, is a mute he still manages to have a certain appeal and charm to him that’ll make you enjoy playing as him. And the dialogue from various other characters around Vellie is entertaining and will leave you with the yearn to find out which direction the story goes. Also, one more thing that adds to the appeal of Owlboy is the soundtrack this game has. Composed by Jonathan Geer, the music definitely adds that little something extra when you’re roaming around Vellie, exploring dungeons, and fighting bosses and enemies even more immersive.

I personally enjoy playing indie games such as Owlboy because of what they have to offer. Usually indie games don’t get the same love and recognition as Triple-A titles and are unfortunately overlooked from time to time. I can honestly say that Owlboy is one of the best games I’ve played this year and should be on your radar if you haven’t played it already. Feel free to check out the Owlboy trailer below and the offical Owlboy website if you’d like to find out more. Owlboy is out now only on PC, but other platforms are to be announced. It is available on Steam, GOG, and Humble Bundle.

Featured image courtesy of D-Pad Studio

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