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The Awakening of Childish Gambino

It should go without saying that Donald Glover had a hardworking and successful year so far. Between the premiere of his new TV series Atlanta and preparing for his roles in the upcoming Han Solo Star Wars and Spiderman Homecoming movies there must not be enough time on Donald Glovers’ hands. Despite how busy he has been, Donald Glover is looking to add one more accomplishment to his list this year: a new album.

Recently, under Donald Glovers’ musician name, Childish Gambino, he announced that he is releasing a third album sooner than anyone expected. So far we know that it will be called “Awaken, My Love!”, the track listing, and the cover art. On top of Childish Gambino releasing this information, there is also a single called “Me and Your Mama” available for you to listen to right now.

If you know anything about Childish Gambino, you know that his music is something that should not be missing from your music library. With the major success of his last album “Because the Internet”, I’m excited that he’s releasing another album especially after some rumors surfaced about him closing the door on the music chapter of his life. Therefore, feel free to check out the single “Me and Your Mama” below. It is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. Childish Gambino’s third album “Awaken, My Love!” will be released on December 2nd.

Featured imaged courtesy of The Atlanta Wiki

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