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With Liberty and Young Justice for All

It has been over three years since Young Justice saved humanity from the alien invasion of The Reach and their plan to destroy the world. Even though they were successful at defeating The Reach, it came at a noble sacrifice of one of their own. Their bravery and heroic actions did not go unrecognized by the Justice League who decided that Young Justice would now operate with them side-by-side from the Watchtower.

Even though all my seem well following the defeat of The Reach, there were some events that occurred afterwards that has gone unanswered. Secretary General Tseng Dangun resignation was announced which led to Lex Luthor taking his place. Also Vandal Savage attends a meeting with G. Gordon Godfrey, Desaad, and Darkseid. And the last thing we see is Vandal Savage shaking Darkseids’ hand and making the remark, “business as usual.”

This finally scene has left fans in wonder of what to make of this, but instead of answers they was left with the unfortunate news of Young Justice being cancelled. It was reported that Cartoon Network decided to cancel this show due to the low sales of Young Justice toys. This news has left many fans disappointed because Young Justice was an excellent DC animated series and for its downfall to be the lack in toy sales is unfair to their fans.

Despite these unfortunate events and three long years later, the fans of Young Justice will finally get what they’ve been asking for. Warner Brothers Animation has announced that Young Justice will return for a third season and it has already begun production. And as expected, this news has left Young Justice fans with the satisfaction of their voices finally being heard.

So far it hasn’t been announced of where or when the new season will premiere, but my guess is it will go to Netflix. When Netflix added the first two seasons of Young Justice to its lineup, it was reported that they will gauge how well it does. In result, the views of Young Justice on Netflix far surpassed what they expected. Therefore I wouldn’t be surprised if Netflix get the rights to the third season.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, I would highly recommend you give it a watch. Even if you have seen this show before, why not re-watch it in light of this good news? When it comes to DC and their animated series this is where they shine the most. Therefore prepare yourself for the third season of Young Justice by watching the first two seasons currently available on Netflix.

Featured image courtesy of Big Game Hunter Ca

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