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6 Seconds in Heaven

The short-form video sharing service known as Vine that we’ve all came to know and love recently came bearing some bad news. The team behind Vine has announced that it will be closing it’s doors in the near future…partially. What they are doing is discontinuing service to the mobile app in the next few months. As far as we know the website and all current Vines will continue to live on in memory of what once was.

It is reported that the reasoning behind Vine coming to an end is due to Twitter. If you were unaware, Twitter purchased Vine prior to its release back in 2012. Though it was a good investment because of the popularity that Vine had back then, the same cannot be said today. Recently, Twitter announced that they would have to lay off around 9% of its staff in order for the company to cut cost and gain profitability. Unfortunately, Vine seems to have also ended up on the cutting board in order for Twitter to stay afloat.

Whenever you’re the first to do something, you often attract those that imitate. Unfortunately this was the case for Vine and the reason for its downfall in popularity. Shortly after the release of Vine, companies such as Snapchat and Instagram saw the success that it was gaining from its short-form videos formula and decided to follow suit. Due to this it saturated the market and ended up turning Vine into a fade.

In memory of Vine, Twitter users spawned the hashtag #RIPVine to talk about the closing of the app. To relive memories, they shared favorite Vines and stories in regards to them. I think it’s a nice way to show love and appreciation for an app that helped paved the way for how we use social media today.

If you’re among those that still uses Vine, you still have a few months until the app becomes out of service. Therefore it’s not too late to put yourself in Vine history. Also remember that you’ll still be able to view and download Vines from their website because this will not be taken offline. Rest in peace, Vine. You will forever be the pioneer of short-form video sharing services.

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