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Dedsec is Recruiting Hacktivists

If you’re a hacker and want to use those skills to join a revolution, then Dedsec is interested in your services. Recently an advanced operating system called ctOS 2.0 has been installed in several cities across the United States to network the cities infrastructure. This may sound beneficial, but the problem is numerous corrupt corporations with hidden agendas to spy and control the citizens under its surveillance control this operating system.

Dedsec is a group of hacktivist who was able to discover what’s really going on behind the scenes with the corporations controlling ctOS 2.0. You are Marcus Holloway, an intelligent hacker looking to make a difference in society with your computer skills. Together, Dedsec and yourself will expose these corporations by bringing their evil practices to the light. And this will all be done in hopes of giving control and freedom back to the people. Now that you know the objective, are you with the cause or against the movement?

This Fall Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal is getting ready to release one of the most anticipated games of this year, Watch Dogs 2. It is a third-person action adventure game that takes place in the birthplace of revolutionary technology, the San Francisco Bay Area. You will use your hacking skills alongside numerous gadgets such as drones and robots as well as varies firearms to combat the corporations in control of ctOS 2.0.

I’m personally looking forward to this game because I thoroughly enjoyed the first Watch Dogs. I like that Ubisoft decided to go in a different direction with this game by making the story more relatable to the younger generation with the rising interest in exposing government secrecy. Also the protagonist Marcus Holloway is a young black male, which peaked my interest even more since I can personally put myself in the shoes of this character.

If you’re into hacktivism and like TV shows like Mr. Robot, I would highly recommend giving this game a play. Watch Dogs 2 will be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 15th and for PC on November 29th. In the meantime, feel free to check out the trailer below to find out more information about Watch Dogs 2.

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