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What 24 Karats Sounds Like

It’s been four years since Bruno Mars has released a single and recently that drought came to an end. His new single “24k Magic” is here to show that he’s definitely a dangerous man with some money in his pockets. Talking about a luxurious lifestyle that’s filled with expensive clothing, penthouse parties, women, and jewelry this song is nothing less than golden.

“24K Magic” is definitely a song that you can play while riding around with your top down and windows open on a sunny day. I can see this being a feel good anthem as well. I doubt that when this song comes on it’ll be hard for anyone to get down to. It’s unfortunate this song didn’t come out during the summer though because it would of definitely been played heavily at outdoor functions like barbecues and block parties.

Regardless, “24K Magic” is still a hit song that you can bop your head to and vibe out wherever you are. There’s even a music video to it that adds so much context to the lyrics of this song. I’ve placed video down below so feel free to give it a watch. If you’re feeling this song be sure to add it to your iTunes or Spotify playlist.

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