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Afternoon Coffee: Don’t be jealous

Sometimes, we’ll let the green-eyed monster within us rear its ugly head. We look at what others have and wonder why we can’t have those things and how come they have what you don’t. In the midst of all our wondering, we let our jealousy get the best of us. What we don’t realize is whenever we do this we are belittling our selves and abilities to obtain our wants and desires.

Today, let’s work on not showing our green eyes. There will always be someone that has something and/or in a position in life that you want. Instead of looking at it with jealousy, we should start looking at it as motivation. Use what someone else have going for them as motivation and you’ll soon be in the same boat as them.

Enjoy your cup of Afternoon Coffee and stay up!


  1. Yes! It really has been hard to come to terms that we all have qualities that make us better than other at certain things. We’re all so different but that doesn’t make us less valuable than someone because we have great qualities that compensate for things we lack at.


  2. Very wise advice. Throughout my short years I’ve faced jealousy and shared the mentality that other’s (everyone) was better than I was. Yet, more recently, I’ve discovered that there’s people who will be better than me at something, but I will also have qualities that make me as valuable as any other human being and competent.

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    • It’s definitely a good thing to find what qualities you have that makes you valuable. You can use those qualities as a focal point instead of another person’s qualities. It all comes down to realizing that you are worthy just as much as anyone else.

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