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Reading is Fundamental

For all your hip hop/pop culture coverage mixed with shade being thrown at varies celebrities and endless Beyoncé praise, The Read is for you. The Read is a podcast on the Loud Speakers Network brought to us by Kid Fury and Crissle. You can expect these two getting together every week to discuss varies topics and events that recently happened and express their no holds barred opinions on them.

There are several segments that makes The Read what it is. Kid Fury and Crissle starts off each show with Black Excellence, a segment that highlights people of color who do extraordinary things since everyday media often fails to do so. Next, they move onto Shade in Full which is where all recent hip hop/pop culture news is discussed. Depending on celebrities and their usual antics, Shade in Full can consist of both good and bad news. Regardless, Kid Fury and Crissle manage to make reporting on them humorous and entertaining.

Afterwards is Ask The Read, a segment dedicated to listeners who would like to ask Kid Fury and Crissle questions. These questions usually range from life advice to relationship problems and are answered to their best abilities. Last but not least is The Read segment. Here is where Kid Fury and Crissle express their anger towards varies things going on in everyday life. Their reads can be based on anything from social issues and injustice to public transportations and services to potato chip flavors.

All Beyoncé and Beyoncé related news can happen whenever Kid Fury and Crissle feels like it. It’s pretty much its own separate segment at this point (just like this paragraph will be).

If you’re interested in giving The Read a listen, feel free to check out the SoundCloud player below. If you like what you hear, be sure to subscribe to this podcast that’s available on iTunesSoundcloud, Spotify, and Stitcher. Also, follow Kid Fury and Crissle on Twitter for more off-the-air content. And to find out more about the podcast and live show information, visit This is The Read.

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