Afternoon Coffee
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Afternoon Coffee: Don’t get discouraged

Imagine that we’re in a room full of people and everyone is given the task of putting together a puzzle. There is no time limit and once we’re done you can leave. Now, as we’re putting together our puzzle we notice that everyone is progressing differently. They’re either ahead of us, on the same level, and even behind us. In this situation we tend to worry most about those that are almost done with their puzzle and wonder why we can’t figure it out as quickly as they did. And this will lead to us getting discouraged in our abilities to complete our own puzzle.

Today, let’s work on not getting discouraged. We all move at different paces so let’s not be concerned about other people’s progress and focus on our own. Just because we may not be the first to get there doesn’t mean that we won’t get there. The most important thing to do is to just keep our eyes on our own path and be confident in our abilities to get anything done. As long as we don’t let discouragement get the best of us and keep going, we’ll eventually get there. Before we know it we’ll have our puzzle figured out and completed.

Enjoy your cup of Afternoon Coffee and stay up!

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