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Changing the World One Hug at a Time

In the midst of everything going on with police brutality, it may seem difficult to find any positivity. Protesters take to the street to express their disapproval in our justice system. Police officers follow suit, equipping themselves with riot gear and high-powered weapons to “keep the situation civilized.”

As they clash in the streets to stand up for what they believe in, it seems like no one is willing to see eye to eye to bring change to the society using violence to resolve their issues. There is one man looking to change all of that with an unusual but simply method.

Activist Ken Nwadike is looking to spread love, inspire change and raise awareness of social issues with The Free Hug Project. Mr. Nwadike is traveling to various protests around the country offering free hugs to both protesters and police officers. He believes just by spreading positivity to both parties will assist in defusing the tension at these protests to show that violence is not the answer.

There are some that believe Ken Nwadike has to be either with the protesters or with the police officers. By Mr. Nwadike “riding the fence” will do nothing for either side and is just a waste of time. So far, several protesters have expressed their disagreement with Mr. Nwadike stating that we shouldn’t break bread with the enemy. Unfortunately some will disagree with him because they can’t see past the instant satisfaction of violence to focus on the bigger picture.

On the other side, there are just as many people if not more that believes Ken Nwadike’s Free Hug Project is something that is well needed. They believe that we need more people like Mr. Nwadike to be the bigger person in this situation despite the actions of others. During this time of high tension between protesters and police officers we need more people to be neutral to defuse any conflict.

I personally agree with Ken Nwadike’s Free Hug Project. Now, I understand this may be hard for some protesters to get behind due to the recent actions of police officer wrongfully killing innocent black people and not getting any repercussion for it. Or even for some police officers to support this movement due to some protester retaliating with violence destruction to the community. And this is exactly why we need The Free Hug Project.

If we really want real change to come to the world, violence is not going to get us there. And with The Free Hug Project looking to spread love, inspire change and raise awareness of social issues I don’t see a reason not to get behind this movement. If you’re looking to find out more information, feel free to check out The Free Hug Project’s website.

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