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How is it that mental illness has become the elephant in the room in today’s society? Millions of people in the world suffer from some type of mental illness but yet so little is done to help them. I find it difficult to understand why beat around the bush whenever this topic comes up in discussion. Some people would rather go for the limbs than the head but that’s just a temporary relief to a bigger issue.

A lot of credit is given to the abilities that the brain can do but that’s just it. The credit given is only a lot and not all. The human brain gives us the ability to accomplish extraordinary tasks that can empower the world but at the same time can cause tremendous chaos to society. At the core of it all, the decisions we make all come down to our mental health.

Think of the human brain as the motherboard of a computer. The motherboard is what gives the computer the power to makes all of the computer components communicate with one another. And if motherboard receives a virus it has the potential to corrupt the rest of the computer from working properly.

Now, compare a computer to the human body. The brain is what controls every action we make and every thought that goes through our minds. Mental illness to the brain is to what a virus is to the motherboard. It corrupts our actions and thoughts and has the potential to leave us with little to no control over ourselves.

Currently, we are dealing with a lot of corruption in the world that I believe can all be combated if mental illness was taken more seriously. Something particular that I see has became a pattern for some time now is the major gun problem we are currently dealing with. The majority believes that by instilling gun control will help prevent unnecessary murders. What they fail to understand is it’s the person that controls the gun, not the gun that controls the person.

You can take away every gun ever created and people will still find a way to commit unnecessary murders. I just hope that people will realize one day that guns and other weapons are just tools at the end of it all. We are the ones in control and if our mental health is corrupted we’ll be a potential threat to the innocent.

The thing about mental illness is there are no exceptions to who can suffer from it. It covers all walks of life regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, etc.  With that being said, it should warrant the medical attention that is well needed because of this. It has to stop being the elephant in the room and should constantly be in discussion whenever talking about peoples well being. If we really want to change the world for the better for everyone, we have to work from the inside out and not the other way around.

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