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The Voice of the Youth on Climate Change

Often you may hear that a child doesn’t know any better, but Madeleine Co. is looking to bring a change to that mindset with their new documentary project. Climate Talks is a series where children and adults have a discussion about climate change. In these videos, children are asking some hard pressing questions about adult’s contribution to climate change and if there is a solution to this problem. Since this is a problem that children may have to deal with in the future, it’s best to have this conversation now rather than later.

What’s interesting about Climate Talks are the discussions are not one sided. Despite there being a huge age difference between the adults and children, there is mutual respect and no one is over talking the other. This makes it easier to hear the concerns that the children have in regard to their future here on earth. Also it’s a great way to bring awareness to an issue that continues to be overlooked because something has to be done now so that the younger generation can have a chance for a future. Feel free to check out Climate Talks and watch the videos below.

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