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Telekinesis, Eggo Waffles, and Other “Stranger Things”

The success of one of Netflix’s newest shows came out of nowhere just like the creatures from the Upside-Down. Netflix Original “Stranger Things” is a supernatural TV show that’s about the mysterious disappearance of a young boy. With hopes of finding him, a group of friends do some investigation only to come across a young girl who has something “strange” about her. With more and more unexplainable events happening in their town, it leaves residents in wonder of what really is going on.

It really does seems like this show blow up overnight because I can’t recall hearing any hype about it earlier this summer. All I know is I’ve gotten countless recommendations to check out “Stranger Things.” After giving it a watch, I can see where the appeal is coming from. The show takes place in the early 1980s and has a heavy ’80s culture inspiration.  Everything from the 80s such as TV shows, style, music, etc. is pretty much incorporated “Stranger Things.” Therefore, I can see it having an nostalgic effect on viewers from that time because it’s very similar to what would’ve been on TV back then.

Apparently Netflix is well aware of all the attention “Stranger Things” has been getting since its release earlier this summer. Today, August 31st, they announced that they will be renewing this show for a second season to be release some time in 2017. So if you haven’t watched season 1 of “Stranger Things” yet I would highly recommend that you put this on your things-to-watch-on-Netflix list. It’s a show that people of all ages can enjoy. And if you’re wondering what the creatures from the Upside-Down are or any other references that you don’t get, you’ll have to watch the show to find out.

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