Afternoon Coffee
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Afternoon Coffee: Speak it into existence

Have you ever wanted something in life but don’t necessarily know where to start? If so, trust me you’re not alone. The hardest part about accomplishing goals is finding a good place to start. It may all seem overwhelming during the beginning process and this has the potential to discourage you from going for what you want. What if I told you that simply speaking it out loud and putting it out there in the universe can help you overcome that?

Today let’s speak what we want out of life into existence. It’s a great start to putting yourself on the path towards whatever goals you’d like to accomplish. Just putting it out there in the universe can give you the motivation and positive energy you need to begin your journey. So lets say out loud whatever goals you want to achieve either in the comforts of our rooms or from the rooftop of the tallest building in your city. Do it whatever way you want as long just as you speak it into existence is all that matters.

Enjoy your cup of Afternoon Coffee and stay up!

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