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Do You Have What it Takes to Wear The Cowl?

Telltale Games teams up with DC Comics to create an episodic game based on Batman. You will be playing as both Batman and Bruce Wayne to fight crime and assist mayoral candidate, Harvey Dent, in his campaign run in the streets of Gotham. It will take place a few years after Bruce Wayne becomes Batman which means no one but one person knows who Batman really is and he is labeled more as a vigilante more than a well known hero in the city of Gotham. What’s interesting about this game is it will be a completely new storyline not based on any of the past iterations of Batman, of which I will not spoil for you.

If you’re unfamiliar with the play style of Telltale Games, it is a game where your decisions will change the story based on the path you choose. It’s more of a dialogue heavy game with action parts sprinkled throughout. The action in this game is QTE (quick time events) so it will be based on simple button inputs. A Telltale game isn’t a game where you need to string together combos and whatnot like in other games. Therefore I don’t want you to go into this Batman game looking to get the same experience as in past Batman games like any from the Arkham series.

What I like about games like these is it takes a different route in how games are typically played in comparison to others. It’s more about giving you a great storyline so I would say it’s more like watching a TV show that you’re really indulged in. One more thing to mention about this game is since it’s episodic each episode will be released every month or so. That’s just something I would keep in mind if you’re new to these types of games.

Therefore if you’re interested in Batman or superheroes in general I would highly recommend you check out the Batman Telltale series. Episode 1 is out now and I’ve played it and from what I could see so far this game has a lot of potential. Since it’s a new storyline I’m curious and excited to see how it will turn out. Episode 2 should be released sometime in September or October at the latest. The Batman Telltale series is available on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.


    • Yeah I can tell it’s going to turn out to be a good series. Telltale Games has a good track record based on their previous games so I doubt I’ll be disappointed. & yeah definitely. I’m more of a DC fan in comparison to Marvel. Their superheroes usually catches my attention more. How about you? What comics do you like to read?

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      • DC Comics all the way. DC Characters are really more compelling. And I have been watching them since my childhood days. All that comic nostalgia increases the hype as well. I have played the Arkham Series too. It was so brilliant and amazing! From storyline to that terrific gameplay. Although i don’t hate Marvel by any means. 😛

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        • Yeah of course, no hate to Marvel at all lol. I just think that DC Comics is far more underrated in comparison and not many people give them their props. People just negatively judge them because their movies aren’t as good/popular as Marvel. They’re killing it in every other department such as video games, comics, animated series, etc. though but they get so little love for it.

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