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The Price to Pay for the 2016 Rio Olympics

Every two years the Olympics Games are held to compete which country is athletically the best. Around this time people are usually focused on representing their country and rooting for their country to win more gold medals for the purpose of bragging rights. That’s fine and all, but do those people also focus on what it cost to make an event like the Olympics to happen? If so you might have second thoughts on supporting the Olympic Games.

This year the Olympics are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If you know anything about Brazil, you know that it isn’t exact the most financially stable. With problems such as high debt and unemployment rates, there are more important priorities that should take precedence over the Olympics. A poll stats that around 50 percent of native Brazilians were against the Olympics being held there. And this disapproval spawned activist groups such as Ocupa MinC to protest against the Olympics and current interim president, Michel Temer.

What is fueling the frustration in these protestors is the fact that the Olympics has the potential to cost Brazil over 4 billion dollars. Ocupa MinC believes that this money could be put to far better use for things such as education and job opportunities. Since the beginning of the 2016 Olympics, they have taken to the streets to have peaceful protests to express that a change needs to come to Brazil. And this caught the attention of local police that led to the attempt to break up protests and to silence their message by compliance or force.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the 2016 Olympics comes to and end this Sunday. Will the Brazilian government do anything about the demands being expressed by Ocupa MinC? Unfortunately only time could answer that question. Native Brazilians have every right to be upset with the government for their selfish decisions. Something definitely has to be done about Brazil choosing to invest in the Olympics instead of their people and their needs.


    • I’m not surprised about that all. Not only could they put that money to far better use for their people, but it can also put an unnecessary negative light on them as well. Just look at the Ryan Lochte situation for example and how his lie made it seem like the natives are everything but civilized.

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      • Yes, I understand and agree! Although I believe both events were lovely, I have to admit that I find it so absurd how the country is filled with really important problems yet what is mostly shown is the country filled with happiness because they’re able to host these events. Exactly, the people are civilized, but the a huge part of the country is angry at the government.

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