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Gold Medals, Silver Misinterpretations, Bronze Slanders

Multi-gold medalist Gabby Douglas recently finishes up her final events at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Instead of celebrating the successes and accomplishments that her team and she has earned she is forced to defend herself. Once again, social media criticizes her hair and her actions at the Olympic Games this year. Ms. Douglas issues a tearful response to clarify and misinterpretations of her actions and how hurtful comments about her appearance have been taking a toll on her.

Something social media is up to this week is nitpicking Gabby Douglas for not placing her hand over her heart during the National Anthem. Some say that it shows as a sign of disrespect towards her country but Ms. Douglas quickly shuts down that wrongful statement. My thing is this, how could she be disrespectful to our country if she has voluntarily chosen to represent the USA in the Olympics on multiple occasions? Let’s not even talk about numerous other Americans who have a higher status then Ms. Douglas who also didn’t salute the American flag at some point but didn’t receive the same criticism she did.

Social media also thinks that Gabby Douglas needs to check her attitude at the door whenever she represents the United States. Several videos and photos suggest that Ms. Douglas was being very bitter during the Olympics this year. So let me get this straight, you expect her to work countless hours on her craft, win medals for our country, and maintain a positive attitude 24/7…??? At the end of the day she’s human like the rest of us. That means she’s allowed to have her ups and downs as she pleases. I find it funny that this conversation didn’t come up for McKayla Maroney who also had a bitter appearance but instead it was called being cute.

Once again Gabby Douglas’s hairstyles is the topic of discussion during the Olympics this year and I don’t know why. I don’t understand what the significance in discussing hairstyles that Olympians have during these events. It’s the Olympics, not a hairstyle show. It’s the least important thing to worry about so just don’t. Also you expect for Olympians to do all these athletic events that involves all these flips, twirls and whatnot and still maintain a flawless hairstyle…yeah okay. I’m a guy who knows very little about women’s hairstyle and even I know that’s impossible. I much rather you be honest and don’t sugarcoat what you really mean to say about this young African American women’s hair.

I personally don’t think that Gabby Douglas owes anyone an apology but she was mature enough to be the bigger person in this situation. The worst part about all of this is despite all the accomplishments that Ms. Douglas has earned there’s always going to be those few people that scrutinize the most unnecessary things just to bring this young woman down. To those that do, instead of doing that how about you use your time more wisely and look to see what you can learn from Ms. Douglas because there’s so much that you can learn from her. And to Gabby Douglas, if you ever read this that is, don’t stop being you because you have the potential to change a lot of young females lives for the better.


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