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Can We Get a Do Over?

If you’re anything like myself, you’re not excited about the presidential candidates this year. It’s just something about both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump that makes supporting them unappealing. And this makes me unsure on whom to vote for or even if I should vote at all this year. I think a lot of people are in the same boat as myself so can we just get new candidates and start from scratch?

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is the most unqualified candidate to run for president. This is probably why a lot of people are going to vote for Hillary Clinton instead and I see a problem with this. Are you voting for Hillary Clinton because you actually agree with and support what she has to offer or because you dislike Donald Trump? The problem I see with this is you’re willing to support someone whose vision for this country doesn’t necessarily complement yours just because you refuse to see someone else in office.

What’s terrible about this is the candidates for that scenario can be switched and the results would still be the same. Even though in comparison Hillary Clinton’s resume makes her the most desirably candidate to take the office there are still people that would rather see Donald Trump in office over her. Honestly, I think it’s just bad timing for her to run this term. Not necessarily because she’s not ready but because of who’s she’s going against. Donald Trump’s image is so tainted that it’s actually rubbing off on his opponent due to the influence he has on certain people.

I don’t know…it’s just something about all the candidates who ran this year that leaves me uneasy. Between a lot of people dropping out of the race and candidate’s drama being broadcasted on the news over what their future plans for this country is this presidential term is a mess. In a perfect world, a do over would be the best solution but unfortunately that can’t happen. So I guess we’re just left with these two…for now.

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  1. Correct. Your “do over” is in 2020. Stop procrastinating. You HAVE to clean the cat litter.

    If this is your first time having to contemplate voting for whichever candidate is “less worse”, I’m sorry. It gets easier with experience. I’ve voted 11 times, and it’s been almost an even split between being able to support a candidate joyfully, and having to vote to block a candidate I thought would be dangerous for the country. I didn’t like Gore (uptight prig), but the alternative was so much worse.

    I may not like Clinton personally, and I helped Sanders win my state, but at this point Trump MUST be stopped. People say it’s an ethical compromise to vote for a lesser evil, to which my reply is a politely intoned, “Grow up. Yes, it’s still an evil – but LESS.”


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