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July 11th, 2016

I’ve been back home for about two weeks now and every time I come here I feel this sense of relief from stress, anxiety and what not. Makes me wonder why I make these trips so far and in between. For those who don’t know, I was born and raised in New York but I’ve been living in Maryland for the past few years now. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with Maryland that makes me favor New York over it. But it’s just some personally things that I’ve been dealing with there that makes it difficult.

I was hoping this summer that I’d be able to make some changes to my life in Maryland that could better my situation. Unfortunately, those plans didn’t work out in my favor. Since I been back in New York I’ve actually entertained the idea of moving back here. To a place that I’ve always considered “home” which I couldn’t say the same for Maryland. That’s why I think things happen for a reason because how everything happened all of a sudden I can’t help but have this thought in my head.

There’s so much that has to be taken into consideration in regards to me moving such as finding another job and transferring to another school up here and what not. But honestly I think this move back home would be nothing but positive. It’s just something I can’t explain that makes me unsure about it and hesitant to make a decision. I feel that I’m just worrying too much as usual. So if (no, when) I move to New York it won’t be until towards the end of the summer. Hopefully I’ll be sure about the decision I want to make by then.

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