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Making Mistakes

Often, we try to minimize the amount of mistakes we make during our everyday lives and there’s nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to avoid making mistakes all together. It’s just something that is bound to happen since there’s no such thing as perfection. That doesn’t necessarily mean that mistakes should be labeled as a bad thing.

The problem that comes with mistakes is not that they’re being made, but our response to them. Sometimes, we focus on the ridicule that we receive and/or give ourselves. In the midst of this going on it can be hard to visualize what can be taken away but we have to take a step back from the situation and see it for what it is. Instead of focusing on the down side, what we should do is realize the gem that has been revealed.

Have you ever considered that mistakes can also have positives? It shows that you have so much to learn, but you’re willing to put yourself in the situation to learn. We weren’t born knowing everything and what we know now was either taught to us and/or experienced through trail and error. I believe that through mistakes and experiences is how we grow as a person.

Take learning to drive as an example. Someone might show us the ropes at the beginning and/or we learn from the experience when we are our own. At first we might not know how to park properly, have bad timing on our turns, get into an accident, etc. Instead of feeling discourage as if you’ll never get it we should learn from our mistakes and experiences and apply it the next time we go for a drive.

There’s the saying, “a smart man learns from their mistakes but a wise man learns from the mistake from others.” I personally don’t agree with this because there’s something that the smart man has an advantage over the wise man that many people don’t really acknowledge. And that’s experience. Isn’t that what life is all about?


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