On 3rd Thought
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This is a introduction REintroduction of myself. More specifically my new self if that makes any sense. That’s one thing about me that I don’t know will ever change. I rarely know if anything makes sense. But I guess that’s just how life is. It’s not suppose to make sense. That’s what makes life…well life. Not everything needs an explanation or reasoning. It’s just what it is…right?

My plans for this website is to make this an outlet for me so that I can clear my head a bit and not bottle things up. So posts will vary more than likely and I’m really not too sure what direction I’ll go with my writing. I do have a plan that I’d like to go through with on here but I’m still working that out. But obviously I’ll announce it when the time is right. For now I’m just writing just to write [or is it typing just to type…??? I mean technically that’s what it is].

Also, my hopes for this website is for whoever happens to stumble upon this to take something  away from my writing. Rather it be a new perspective on things, some words of encouragement, a new addition to your internet library, etc. So as much as I want this to help myself, I hope that it’ll do the same for you.

So yeah, heres to a new journey.

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This, That, the 3rd is where you can find out about anything, everything, and the 3rd. My goal is to make this a place welcomed to those that doesn't see things in black and white. I also have community plans for those that visit the website so stay tuned for that. The content that you will find here will be topics that are interesting and/or need to be heard about. So far there are series that makes This, That, the 3rd what it is such as 3rd View, Afternoon Coffee, On 3rd Thought and Audio Messenger with much more on the way!

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