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A Game Of Runs in the Yakima Valley

Episode 017: Albany comes out swinging but Yakima is left standing taking a 1-0 series lead with a  107-92 smackdown; The tale of 2 benches; Lunar Eclipse; The MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles up against Ronaldo who creates “Major” damage; Schucking and jiving; Did Dylan find his cellphone???; Game of Runs; How do the Patroons answer against …

The 6th Man and the 7th Army of the Armory

Episode 015:  Guest Chuck Miller joins us in the booth and looks back on the Ohio playoff series win, Coach Rowland’s “Bench Mob”, Timeouts and Technicals, Fact Checking c/o NAPB Ref Josh Koch, 6th Man/7th Army, Rivalry Born, The Team is the City, CBA Daze, Showtime, Patroons 2.0, Moon Power, MVP Eddy “the Sandman” Ubiles, …

K.C. vs Yakima: Series Preview

Episode 014: The KC Tornados and the Yakima Sun Kings square off in Game 1 of their NAPB playoff series.  Breakdowns on rosters, what to expect from the 2 teams, matchups, Woolpert and Thompson locking horns, This That & The 3rd at the Sun Dome