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Dog Day Afternoons

Episode 020- Dog days of summer; baseball, who’ll stop the rain?; Magley buys the NAPB; Minor League Mecca; shout-outs to The ’76; Festival/Show hopping; Sheehan bringing Chicago to the 518 “one shooting at a time”; Guardian Angels in Albany; waning days of summer; Tomlin will lead PITT to playoff defeat yet again; the SPAC-Jack

A Game Of Runs in the Yakima Valley

Episode 017: Albany comes out swinging but Yakima is left standing taking a 1-0 series lead with a  107-92 smackdown; The tale of 2 benches; Lunar Eclipse; The MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles up against Ronaldo who creates “Major” damage; Schucking and jiving; Did Dylan find his cellphone???; Game of Runs; How do the Patroons answer against …

The 6th Man and the 7th Army of the Armory

Episode 015:  Guest Chuck Miller joins us in the booth and looks back on the Ohio playoff series win, Coach Rowland’s “Bench Mob”, Timeouts and Technicals, Fact Checking c/o NAPB Ref Josh Koch, 6th Man/7th Army, Rivalry Born, The Team is the City, CBA Daze, Showtime, Patroons 2.0, Moon Power, MVP Eddy “the Sandman” Ubiles, …

K.C. vs Yakima: Series Preview

Episode 014: The KC Tornados and the Yakima Sun Kings square off in Game 1 of their NAPB playoff series.  Breakdowns on rosters, what to expect from the 2 teams, matchups, Woolpert and Thompson locking horns, This That & The 3rd at the Sun Dome

“Everyone Has A Plan ‘Till They Get Punched In The Face”

Episode 013: Intro (0:00); Congrats to the 518 Elite shout-outs (1:24); An Electric Game 1 at The Armory (2:20);  Coach Bob: REFUSE TO LOSE (4:20); New additions G Stephan Bonneau and F/C Jalen Robinson making immediate impacts (6:00); What’s good Pooh? (8:45); Saije gets quality playoff minutes (10:45); Ohio gets chippy with “The Sandman” MVP …

Steve “The Hammer” Cunningham in the Booth

Episode 012: Intro (0:00); MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles, ROY “X-Man” Xavier Moon, Pooh Man is the 6th Man (2:30); Getting ready for Ohio (5:10); Roadtrip to the Yakima Sun Dome (7:45); The task at hand/Bringing it back to the 518 (10:30) The Hammer in studio (11:50) Steve talks about the upcoming playoffs, the Patroons’ …

Lloyd “Pooh” Johnson’s Record Breaking 53 Point Performance

011 EPISODE:  Intro (00:00); Pooh’s historical night “53”, 85%? ((1:08); Game Breakdown, Kentucky/Roch (2:50); Key Injuries (3:55); DRE DAY, Interview, Let Me Ride (4:54); X-Man (6:14); Another day in the park for Pooh Johnson, setting/breaking records, 53/26/35 (9:00); Showing grit, mettle, and versatility (13:40); Smush and Jamario enter Big 3 draft (18:15); New Razorsharks squad (21:10); Playoff push (25:35); EJ getting more minutes (27:00); Heart and Fire (31:35); Outro/Shout-outs (35:45)    

Patroons Continue to Battle For 1st

010 Episode: Intro/Shout-outs (00:00); Patroons play-off positioning (2:24); Pooh’s scouting report PRIOR to his 53 point performance (3:51); Coach Rowland’s deep bench (5:53), Dre Day (6:20); The X Factor (8:55), The Hammer (11:15); Game Of Runs (12:49); Nick Evans CD3 (13:07); Upcoming Series (16:50); Saije getting minutes (20:00); Making a statement (22:00); Shout-outs to Ryan …