Episode 017: Albany comes out swinging but Yakima is left standing taking a 1-0 series lead with a  107-92 smackdown; The tale of 2 benches; Lunar Eclipse; The MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles up against Ronaldo who creates “Major” damage; Schucking and jiving; Did Dylan find his cellphone???; Game of Runs; How do the Patroons answer against the Sun Kings?

Patroons Notables: X.Moon 31 points, Ubiles 26 points, Thomas 19 points 10 rebounds, Robinson 11 points

Sun Kings Notables: Major 29 points, Schuck 17 points, Jackson 15 points, Upshaw 14 points 

“Albany Patroons Lose Game 1….this ain’t good” by Chuck Miller

“The Present Day Man” Podcast c/o Joshua Koch



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