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009 Episode: Coach Paul Dunn joins us in the studio and breaks down the series; Albany battles Yakima for the top of the NAPB; Saije Pryor gets loose; Who can Coach Rowland trust off the bench?; Yakima’s depth; “The X Factor” Xavier Moon continues to rise; Dre Thomas continues to dominate in the paint; ; “Crazy” Coach Woolpert was tripping’; The Tale of Two Teams; Communication on D; The Push Of Smush, The Grim Reaper; Shout-outs!; Defense ultimately wins championships; League parity; Resting starters?; Steve “The Hammer” Cunningham imposes his will; The uncanny chemistry of the Patroons; Trash-talkin’ mos def an integral part of the game; Jamario strikes a pose, “soooo pretty!”; The Patroons vets set the standard and the tone;  Kansas and a 7-game win streak; The NAPB playoff race starts to tighten; Welcome aboard Jerell Scott; No shortage of scoring or excitement in the NAPB; Inconsistent refereeing;  

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005 Episode: B-Ball Edition; Coach Paul Dunn in the studio; Patroons breakdowns; Xavier makes it 2 Moons; Coach Rowland sets the standard; Smush stepping up?; Dre Thomas is the Shaq of the NAPB; local talent making their presence known; Shout-outs to 518 Elite and Peak Training; NBA All-Star weekend; Slam Dunk reviews; Game predictions, Team Steph or Team LeBron?; Cavs roster changes shake up the East; Kardashian Curse??; 2nd half predictions

004 Episode: Patroons Are NUCLEAR9 game win streak; Big roster changes; 4th Quarter heroics; Torren Jones and Shane; Rector to Saudi Arabia; EJ Gallup comes aboard; Coach Rowland’s steady hand

002 Episode: Super Bowl 52 preview; Who do you hate more, NE or Philly?; Romo still sucks; Collinsworth makes me want to vomit; Minn fans on the defense of their city; Smith to DC, Cousins on the move; High-Flying Albany Patroons hold first place (24:45) ; Shane Rector showing game; Ubiles making moves with a LEAGUE RECORD 44 points, interview; Pooh Johnson reppin’ the 518; Full Moon, interview with Jamario (39:15); Super Bowl prop bets

001 Episode: Steelers blow it at home; Tomlin’s ineffective coaching; BS concussion protocol; Cam had turf in his eye!; Patroons are BACK (35:45); Full Moon rising; Believe in Smush

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