A Game Of Runs in the Yakima Valley

Episode 017: Albany comes out swinging but Yakima is left standing taking a 1-0 series lead with a  107-92 smackdown; The tale of 2 benches; Lunar Eclipse; The MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles up against Ronaldo who creates “Major” damage; Schucking and jiving; Did Dylan find his cellphone???; Game of Runs; How do the Patroons answer against the Sun Kings?

Patroons Notables: X.Moon 31 points, Ubiles 26 points, Thomas 19 points 10 rebounds, Robinson 11 points

Sun Kings Notables: Major 29 points, Schuck 17 points, Jackson 15 points, Upshaw 14 points 

“Albany Patroons Lose Game 1….this ain’t good” by Chuck Miller

“The Present Day Man” Podcast c/o Joshua Koch



The 6th Man and the 7th Army of the Armory

Episode 015:  Guest Chuck Miller joins us in the booth and looks back on the Ohio playoff series win, Coach Rowland’s “Bench Mob”, Timeouts and Technicals, Fact Checking c/o NAPB Ref Josh Koch, 6th Man/7th Army, Rivalry Born, The Team is the City, CBA Daze, Showtime, Patroons 2.0, Moon Power, MVP Eddy “the Sandman” Ubiles, Unfinished Business, Next Chapter, OUTRO

Bill Burr’s Sports Rant

photo courtesy of George Fazio


“Everyone Has A Plan ‘Till They Get Punched In The Face”

Episode 013: Intro (0:00); Congrats to the 518 Elite shout-outs (1:24); An Electric Game 1 at The Armory (2:20);  Coach Bob: REFUSE TO LOSE (4:20); New additions G Stephan Bonneau and F/C Jalen Robinson making immediate impacts (6:00); What’s good Pooh? (8:45); Saije gets quality playoff minutes (10:45); Ohio gets chippy with “The Sandman” MVP Eddy Ubiles and he puts them to sleep (12:30); Protect This House (16:15);  Full Moon in effect (17:20);  Complete victory, Coach Rowland’s steady hand (20:00); Bootleggaz get blitzed by the Bench Mob (25:05); Juice Tees Off (31:45); Balanced Attack (35:00); Times Useless, pass the Hate-Or-Ade (38:00); Calvin Thompson and “Crazy” Paul Woolpert lock horns (40:00) Shout-Out to Commissioner Magley ; 518 Love (44:10); Bruce reminds Paul of his NBA pick (47:55); Outro (49:53)

photos courtesy of Blues Printing/George Fazio





Steve “The Hammer” Cunningham in the Booth

Episode 012: Intro (0:00); MVP Eddy “The Sandman” Ubiles, ROY “X-Man” Xavier Moon, Pooh Man is the 6th Man (2:30); Getting ready for Ohio (5:10); Roadtrip to the Yakima Sun Dome (7:45); The task at hand/Bringing it back to the 518 (10:30)

The Hammer in studio (11:50) Steve talks about the upcoming playoffs, the Patroons’ “Band of Brothers”, Alabama, the importance of having a winning attitude, hustle & flow, overcoming adversity, Big Hammer-Little Hammer, recharged Patroons, treachery in Rochester, the calming of Dre, importance of family, sports management, Outro (41:45) Hammer Highlights



Lloyd “Pooh” Johnson’s Record Breaking 53 Point Performance

011 EPISODE:  Intro (00:00); Pooh’s historical night “53”, 85%? ((1:08); Game Breakdown, Kentucky/Roch (2:50); Key Injuries (3:55); DRE DAY, Interview, Let Me Ride (4:54); X-Man (6:14); Another day in the park for Pooh Johnson, setting/breaking records, 53/26/35 (9:00); Showing grit, mettle, and versatility (13:40); Smush and Jamario enter Big 3 draft (18:15); New Razorsharks squad (21:10); Playoff push (25:35); EJ getting more minutes (27:00); Heart and Fire (31:35); Outro/Shout-outs (35:45)



Patroons Continue to Battle For 1st

010 Episode: Intro/Shout-outs (00:00); Patroons play-off positioning (2:24); Pooh’s scouting report PRIOR to his 53 point performance (3:51); Coach Rowland’s deep bench (5:53), Dre Day (6:20); The X Factor (8:55), The Hammer (11:15); Game Of Runs (12:49); Nick Evans CD3 (13:07); Upcoming Series (16:50); Saije getting minutes (20:00); Making a statement (22:00); Shout-outs to Ryan Gilooly, Chuck Miller and George Fazio (24:20); NCAA, busted brackets (25:50); NBA (30:00); Bruce’s “crazy” pick (31:20); No love for Love/LeBron the “little G.O.A.T.” (33:40); Predictions re-boot (38:10); Outro (47:45)

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