005 02/18/18: B-Ball special; Guest host Coach Paul Dunn in the booth; Patroons streak ended; NBA All-Star weekend; 2nd half out-look

004 02/17/18: High-Flying Albany Patroons stay HOT with a 9 game win streak and a NAPB best 11-1 record; Roster changes; what looms ahead…

003 02/15/18: Super Bowl 52 wrap-up and spin-down; Tom Brady is a BITCH; If you love your city burn it

002 02/02/18:  Who would you rather have lose SB 52?; Eagles fans are savages; Romo still sucks; Collinsworth makes me want to vomit; Wardrobe Malfunctions; Patroons Winning Ways

001 01/15/18:  Steelers lay down at home; NFL’s bullshit concussion protocol, Albany Patroons are BACK!